Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
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Shirley Pilcher

"Piccadilly Terrace Retirement Residence has been my home for the past five years. Although I decided on my own that this is what I wanted to do, I was hesitant about moving into a “seniors’ residence.” I immediately became involved in every activity available here, and have met and made more friends during these five years than in any other five years of my life.

I know several seniors who live in similar retirement residences, but I don’t hear any comments that match the complimentary comments I hear, and make, about “the Terrace.” Our manager and staff are efficient, kind, loving people.

I love living here; it has been a wonderful five year experience."

- At home at “The Terrace” since October 2006

Rosalie Spargo

"I have lived at Piccadilly Terrace Retirement Residence for two and a half years. It has easily surpassed my expectations for life in my retirement years. The atmosphere is one of laughter and happiness; families readily visit their relatives here.

The Residence is very well run, with excellent, friendly staff. The food is good, with a wide variety of choice. Special theme dinners and buffets are an ideal time to invite friends and family; their enjoyment is very apparent.

A full time Activities Co-ordinator ensures we have a number of fun-filled events. The most memorable for me to date was when we had our own Winter Olympics. The competitive teams were awesome. We also have our own Piccadilly Terrace bus which takes residents to appointments, on errands or other personal services. The bus takes us on visits to other communities, picnics, and other jaunts several times a month.

Once a month, the residents organize a “Saturday Night Live” entertainment program, to which various residents contribute skits, poetry, songs and comic routines. A pub-like atmosphere sets the scene for Happy Hour on Friday afternoons, complete with entertainers who sing songs that bring back memories from many years ago.

If I have a regret it is that I can no longer write well or easily enough to record the amazing stories some of our residents share from time to time. Many of their memories are right out of our Canadian History.

Do I recommend Piccadilly Terrace Retirement Residence? Without a doubt!"

- At home at “The Terrace” since July 2009


Inez Nash

"When I moved into Piccadilly Terrace, I was a little apprehensive at suddenly being around so many strangers, but soon, they weren’t strangers anymore. I appreciate the efficiency of the staff. They are very competent, and considerate of our needs. The meals are great!

Very few of us are completely satisfied with everything in life, but if we are able to appreciate the efforts made here at “the Terrace” to make everything as pleasant as possible, it creates a good environment for everyone. I feel I am fortunate to be a part of the ‘family’ here, and I hope all are as content as I am to be in my new little home."

- At home at “The Terrace” since July 2011

Anita Jolly

"After looking after a family and business for 50 years I decided I wanted someone to look after me. And I found the right place. My friend had moved in here and I came here to visit her and thought it was super. I feel it’s a safe place to live, which means a lot to seniors. My son also thought it was a great idea, because when he goes hunting and fishing he does not have to worry about Dear Old Mum.

The company here is great, the staff is wonderful, and the building feels like it is smiling, which makes it a very happy and homey place to be. I love it and would not live anywhere else. The services offered are first class. Our tastes in food are catered to with alternate menu choices. You find you do things here that you have never done before in your life. I personally am now a Bingo Caller, which I enjoy very much! I could go on forever singing its praises, but suffice to say Piccadilly Terrace is a wonderful place to live. "

- At home at “The Terrace” since November 2007